IT Research and Development On-Demand

Research and Development


An efficient, scalable and secure IT environment requires considerable investment in planning, optimizing and adapting the existing solutions for the concrete needs. Forschung-Direkt supports the concept of know-how as service in aspects research and development. We aim at reducing your investments in IT planning by saving you time and at the same time providing you with a optimized for yor needs environment.

Technology Evaluation

Depending on your concrete requirements we evaluate and select the appropriate combination of technologies and existing solutions and provide you understandable recommendation, specification and project plan along with an optional list of partners available to co-operate on the specific implementation.

Software Prototyping

Forschung-Direkt offers prototype development and acquisition of related to the concrete case know-how within short periods of time. Our comprehensive knowledge on existing technologies, available and re-usable components and elaborated rapid software development techniques work together for you to see your idea working, convincing your customer.

Software Development and Supervision

Forschung-Direkt will help you with the development of a stable solution based on the results of a theoretical work or developed prototypes. We deliver concrete specifications, software architecture and implementation details for related technologies along with an optional list of partners available for concrete implemention. Save coordination overhead and select Forschung-Direkt as development supervisor to have a single point of reference for the project status from its inception until its completion.