IT Research and Development On-Demand

On Demand


A successful and cost-effective IT integration requires thoroughful selection of technologies, frameworks and operation partners. Forschung-Direkt offers you IT research and development as a quality service in the moment you need it. Transparent and coordinated dialog with customers, associated system integrators and software houses drive the development and successful deployment of IT projects in Central and Eastern Europe.


Forschung-Direkt offers time-saving services for fast decision making and acquisition of IT know-how. Our Technology Evaluation services help you select the best of IT available for you; we offer Software Prototyping to implement your idea and help you sell your product faster; we can help you with the Technology Transfer to turn prototypes and demos into production-ready applications; use our Software Adaptation services and the application you need will become a natural part of your IT environment.


Forschung-Direkt is fond of sharing IT knowledge. We organize regular technology discussions and public tech-reviews in the form of interactive on-line casts. See Events for more information. We are ready to answer your questions or give you feedback through almost any available channel for communication - telephone, email, voice over IP or video conference.

Partner Network

Forschung-Direkt co-operates with professionals and companies in order to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. Interested in partnership individuals or organizations are encouraged to take a look at our Partners Requirements section.

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