IT Research and Development On-Demand

Trust and Loyalty


The nature of IT demands co-operation on many levels. Forschung-Direkt has the goal to establish a healthy network of partners providing qualitative services and products to satisfy the demands of our customers. Our very basic requirements for potential co-operation are trust and loyalty towards both customers and partners. The decisions for concrete delegation of activity is reasoned upon partners' comprehensive portfolio, competence profile and past co-operation efforts.

Technology Partners

IT experts, developers and engineering organizations are partnering Forschung-Direkt for projects which require adoption of mastered skills in development of technology frameworks and solutions for the concrete needs of our customers. The list of technologies of interest includes but is not limited to mobile frameworks, web frameworks, management solutions, service oriented architectures, database support, enterprise-grade solutions, etc.

Outsourcing Partners

Often there are projects demanding active, long-term software development with a larger development team. Forschung-Direkt partners with outsourcing companies to achieve balance of speed in development and price without compromising quality control and functional completeness. For full outsourcing partner compliance we demand ability to audit and supervise the development in order to be able to provide full customer guarantee for quality.

Integration Partners

We offer complete IT solutions and that requires experience in system integration and management. Forschung-Direkt partners with networking equipment vendors, system support companies and telecommunication experts to deliver a secure and performant environment for deployment of customer systems. An important requirement for integration partners are the certification records of its personnel.